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On positive halfcycles Cx charges via R3-Dx and the upper half of R4, and on negative half-cycles Cx charges via R3 -D2 and the lower half of R4. R* thus enables the relative durations of the positive and negative slopes of the ramp waveform to be varied without appreciably effecting the operating frequency of the circuit. The operating frequency is independently variable via Rx and the output level is variable via R6. c. 7. Here, the circuit is basically connected as a triggered monostable multivibrator, except that the output waveform is taken from across timing capacitor Q via buffer transistors Q2-Q3 and potentiometer R-j.

Periods can be increased beyond these values by increasing the Cx value, or vice versa. Note when using this circuit that its supply rail must be stabilised if stable timing periods are to be obtained. 8 circuit can be used as the basis of a triggered oscilloscope timebase. 5 /xs per division. e. The 61 6 V + 15V + V E 2-2kO3 R Ra« 22kO/ OV C«. 1 /; F R . | 1 0 k5 O< SOUARE ^ WAVE TRIGGER INPUT I Re' 10kO Ldi ~ srH q 8-PIN D l i p 555 TIMER -C A 5th •001 j / F Qi 2N3704 2N3704 Ci •01j/F Ci V A L U E SAWTOOTH PERIOD 10/yF 1 A/F 0-1 / y F •01 / / F •001/yF 9 0 ms 9 ms 0-9 m s 90/vs 9//s - 7 U (SEE TABLE) 1-2 120 12 1•2 120 RANGE OUTPUT < f o k j ?

A square-wave signal is generated at pin 6 of ICX, and an approximately triangular waveform is generated across Cx. The Cx triangle waveform is made available for external use via potentiometer R 5and voltage-follower buffer stage IC2. 7 V via the R3-R4 potential divider To ensure that the waveform is derived from a reasonably linear section of the exponential charging waveform of Cx. Rx enables the frequency to be varied between roughly 800 Hz and 8 kHz. be obtained by using alternative values of d .

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