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By Stefan Bilaniuk

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This is often the quantity II of a textual content for a problem-oriented undergraduate path in mathematical good judgment. It covers the fundamentals of computability, utilizing Turing machines and recursive capabilities, and Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem, and will be used for a one semester path on those themes. quantity I, Propositional and First-Order good judgment, covers the fundamentals of those issues in the course of the Soundness, Completeness, and Compactness Theorems. details on availability and the stipulations lower than which this booklet can be utilized and reproduced are given within the preface.

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The following notion is of particular interest in the advanced study of computability. 7. e. , if there is a 1-place recursive function f such that P = im(f) = { f(n) | n ∈ N }. Since the image of any recursive 1-place function is recursively enumerable by definition, we do not lack for examples. For one, the set E of even natural numbers is recursively enumerable, since it is the image of f(n) = Mult(S(S(O(n))), n). 14. If P is a 1-place recursive relation, then P is recursively enumerable. This proposition is not reversible, but it does come close.

5. Suppose (i, s, a) is a tape position such that all but finitely many cells of a are blank. Let n be any positive integer such that ak = 0 for all k ∈ N with k > n. Then the code of (i, s, a) is n (i, s, a) = 2i 3s 5a0 7a1 11a2 . . pan+3 . 1. Consider the tape position (1, 2, 1001). Then (1, 2, 1001) = 21 32 51 70 110 131 = 1170 . 6. Find the codes of the following tape positions. 1. (0, 1, a), where a is entirely blank. 2. (3, 4, a), where a is 1011100101. 7. What is the tape position whose code is 10314720?

K of formulas of LN , 1 ≤ i, j ≤ k, and ϕk follows from ϕi and ϕj by Modus Ponens. 4. Deduction∆ (n) ⇐⇒ n = ϕ1 . . ϕk for a deduction ϕ1 . . ϕk from ∆ in LN . 5. Conclusion∆ (n, m) ⇐⇒ n = ϕ1 . . ϕk for a deduction ϕ1 . . ϕk from ∆ in LN and m = ϕk . If ∆ is primitive recursive, which of these are primitive recursive? It is at this point that the connection between computability and completeness begins to appear. 3. Suppose ∆ is a recursive set of sentences of LN . Then Th(∆) is 1. recursively enumerable, and 2.

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