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27) for all annihilation operators. It is called the vacuum vector or the ground state. Other vectors which constitute a basis in the Fock space are obtained by acting on |0 by all possible monomials of the creation operators, |i1 , . . ik , j1 . . jp (ai+1 )n1 . . (ai+k )nk (bj+1 )m1 . . jp are normalization coefficients. These states describe fields excitations with a fixed number of quanta. There can be infinitely many different ways to specify field excitations and to choose a set of single-particle modes fi(±) .

It is also required that operators preserve symmetry properties of the classical functionals. 18) where the parameter is the Planck constant. Starting with Sect. 6 we shall put = 1. For integer spin fields one uses the commutator [,]− and says that the fields obey the Bose statistics, for half-odd-integer spins one uses anti commutator [,]+ which implies the Fermi statistics. 18) is fully covariant, it does not depend on the choice of coordinates and the Cauchy surface used. The features of a particular model which is quantized are encoded in the relativistic product and properties of the classical solutions fk .

6) can be checked directly. It follows from the identity ∇ μ (f1∗ Dμ f2 ) = (D μ f1 )∗ Dμ f1 + f1∗ (D μ Dμ f2 ) and Eq. 69). The relativistic product constructed from this current is called the Klein-Gordon product. 74). By repeating the computations presented above and taking care of the order of fields, one arrives at jμ (ψ1 , ψ2 ) = −i ψ¯ 1 γμ ψ2 . 12) d n x −g ϕP ϕ. 13) d n x −gf1∗ Pf2 . 8). Examples involving real fields are as follows. 76) after the μ replacement fk → Ak one finds jμ (A1 , A2 ) = i(Aν1 )∗ Fμν (A2 ) − iAν2 (Fμν (A1 ))∗ .

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