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By Max Planck

The ebook is a compilation of Max Planck's essays in keeping with an unique German assortment from 1922, released as 'Physikalische rundblicke. Gesammelte reden und aufsätze'.
The first variation of the English model was once initially released in 1925 as 'A Survey of Physics', and reprinted through Dover because 1960 lower than the identify 'A Survey of actual Theory'. The version on which the resource test relies isn't dated, and next to 1960.

The booklet is a part of a five volumes [UL] 'series' of Max Planck's essays at the philosophy of physics on hand in English on P2P venues. In approximate chronological order, the 'series' contains of:

1. previous to 1922: A Survey of actual idea [orig Ger. ed. 1922; 1st En. ed. 1925; used ed. repr. 1960 or later n.d.]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. 1. previous to 1922 [A Survey of actual Theory][UL]
2. Later than 1922, previous to 1933: The Philosophy of Physics [orig. Ger. ed. 1933; 1st En. ed. 1936; used ed. repr. 1963]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. 2. Later than 1922, prior to 1933 [The Philosophy of Physics][UL]
3. 1926, 1929: The Universe within the mild of contemporary Physics [orig. Ger. ed. 1926, 1929; 1st En. ed. & used ed. 1931]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. three. 1926, 1929 [The Universe within the mild of recent Physics][UL]
4. in advance of 1932: the place Is technology Going? [orig. Ger. ed. undetermined; 1st En. ed. & used ed. 1932]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. four. previous to 1932 [Where Is technological know-how Going][UL]
5. 1947, 1948: clinical Autobiography And different Papers [orig. Ger. eds. 1947, 1949; 1st En ed. 1950; used ed. n.d.]
File: Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vol. five. 1947, 1949 [Scientific Autobiography And different Papers][UL]
A single-file model of all five books (filename "Planck's Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized ed. Vols. 1-5 [1908-1948][UL]") is obtainable in simple terms as html.

The volumes of this 'series' are all on hand on Library Genesis in html, epub and pdf. For ease of id, the 'edition' box is marked 'Planck Philosophical Essays in English P2P customized Ed Vx [UL]'.

For info, see the 'About' component to the respective epub or html records (for pdfs, 'Properties' for an abridged information).

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Every educated man knows that when he observes a phenomenon in any heavenly body, such as the sun, the event does not take place on the sun at the same moment as it is observed at the earth, but a certain time elapses between the event and its observation, namely, the time light takes to travel from the sun to the earth. I f it is assumed that the sun and the earth are both at rest, this time is about eight minutes (we can here neglect the motion of the earth round the sun). If, however, the sun and the earth move with a common velocity in the direction from the earth to the sun, the earth moving towards the sun and the sun away from the earth with the same velocity, the time will be shorter.

Some of these hypotheses are so startling that they put a great strain on our comprehension and on our scientific ideas, and do not appear to inspire confidence in the steady advance of science towards a fixed goal. Modern theoretical physics gives one the impression of an old and honoured building which is falling into decay, with parts tottering one after the other, and its foundations threatening to give way. No conception could be more erroneous than this. Great fundamental changes are, indeed, taking place in the structure 45 46 of theoretical physics, but closer examination shows that this is not a case of destruction, but one of perfection and extension, that certain blocks of the building are only removed from their place in order to find a firmer and more suitable position else­ where, and that the real fundamentals of the theory are to-day as fixed and immutable as ever they have been.

Hertz’s mechanics does not really represent physics as it is, it is physics as it might be, a sort of confession of faith for physics. It draws up a programme of stately consistency and harmony, a programme surpassing all previous investigations directed to that end. Hertz is not satisfied with postulating that all Nature, from the mechanical 32 point of view, can be completely explained by assuming move­ ments of simple, similar particles, which build up the whole of the physical universe. He goes beyond Helmholtz’s conserva­ tion of momentum, in so far as he eliminates from the beginning the difference between potential and kinetic energy, and there­ by all problems involving the investigation of special types of energy.

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