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J Cult Herit 12(4):356–363. 006 40 C. Alves and J. Sanjurjo-Sánchez de los Ríos A, PérezOrtega S, Wierzchos J, Ascaso C (2012) Differential effects of biocide treatments on saxicolous communities: case study of the Segovia cathedral cloister (Spain). Int Biodeterior Biodegrad 67:64–72. 010 De Muynck W, Cox K, Belie ND, Verstraete W (2008) Bacterial carbonate precipitation as an alternative surface treatment for concrete. Constr Build Mater 22(5):875–885. 1016/j. 011 De Muynck W, De Belie N, Verstraete W (2010) Microbial carbonate precipitation in construction materials: a review.

Microb Ecol 62(2):299–313. 1007/ s00248-011-9815-x Canti MG, Davis M (1999) Tests and guidelines for the suitability of sands to be used in archaeological site reburial. J Archaeol Sci 26(7):775–781. 0358 Caple C (2000) Conservation skills: judgement, method and decision making. Routledge, Oxon Caple C (2004) Towards a benign reburial context: the chemistry of the burial environment. Conserv Manage Archaeol Sites 6(3):155–165. 1179/135050304793137801 Cappitelli F, Toniolo L, Sansonetti A, Gulotta D, Ranalli G, Zanardini E, Sorlini C (2007) Advantages of using microbial technology over traditional chemical technology in removal of black crusts from stone surfaces of historical monuments.

10 Suspected application of protective treatment that is thought could have contributed to further erosive processes (resulting from salt crystallisation at interface with substrate) 36 C. Alves and J. Sanjurjo-Sánchez In terms of sustainability, there are several direct and indirect impacts to be considered and it is advisable to use the tools classically available in environmental impact assessment. In this regard were highlighted the concern in relation to the possible leaching of products used in biocide treatment and the problems associated with one of the popular choices in terms of interventions which is the use of a sacrificial layer that would imply the impacts associated with the preparation of the replacement mortars (such as periodic consumption of resources and CO2 emissions).

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