Aligned Carbon Nanotubes: Physics, Concepts, Fabrication and - download pdf or read online

By Zhifeng Ren, Yucheng Lan, Yang Wang

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This publication offers a survey of the physics and fabrication of carbon nanotubes and their functions in optics, electronics, chemistry and biotechnology. It specializes in the structural characterization of varied carbon nanotubes, fabrication of vertically or parallel aligned carbon nanotubes on substrates or in composites, actual homes for his or her alignment, and purposes of aligned carbon nanotubes in box emission, optical antennas, gentle transmission, sunlight cells, chemical units, bio-devices, and so forth. significant fabrication equipment are illustrated intimately, fairly the main normal PECVD progress method on which a number of machine integration schemes are established, by means of purposes similar to electric interconnects, nanodiodes, optical antennas, and nanocoax sunlight cells, while present barriers and demanding situations also are be mentioned to put the root for destiny developments.

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A calculation using the tight-binding model and the London approximation shows that the magnetic susceptibility χ is a sensitive function of the magnetic field direction θ [192]. Numerically, the θ dependence is well approximated by a function χ (θ ) = a + b cos(2θ ). Experiments also show that the magnetic susceptibility of CNT bundles is more diamagnetic when the magnetic field is parallel to the CNT axis than when the field is perpendicular to the CNT axis [193] . The magnetic behavior of CNT bundles is different from that of random CNTs [194].

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