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By Carmella Van Vleet

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The far flung lands of the North and South Poles are tested during this revealing advisor, permitting kids to discover the coldest areas on the earth from the heat in their houses. From polar exploration and penguins to Inuit cultures and the tundra, easy but thorough causes are supplied for a number Arctic and Antarctic themes whereas copious vocabulary notes and enjoyable factoids improve the cloth. greater than dozen interactive initiatives and experiments—ranging from making an Inuit boat, polar endure paw prints, a version of a puppy igloo, middle of the night rations, and snowshoes—provide kids an opportunity to work out polar ideas in motion, with no significant grownup involvement or fancy fabrics.

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What about Antarctica? Most of Antarctica is covered in ice—98 percent in fact. But what would you find in the 2 percent that isn’t covered in ice? Well, for one, 30 The Tundra w o n k o t s d wor you’d find the Dry Valleys. They are bare because the and soil. The Dry Valleys are located mountains block the ice cap. Along just west of McMurdo Sound on East with the extreme cold, mountain Antarctica. winds prevent any trees, shrubs or ventifacts: rocks that have been smoothed and shaped over time by flowering plants from growing.

Population was near extinction camouflage: protective coloration in Alaska. In the 1930s, Congress that helps a plant or animal hide and bought a herd from Greenland survive in its environment. and introduced the musk ox back ecosystem: a community of plants and animals living in the same area into the ecosystem. ow n k o t s d r o w and relying on each other to survive. 37 Amazing Arctic & Antarctic Projects Another animal that uses its size to its advantage is the moose. More than seven feet tall and weighing 1,600 pounds, moose have big, flat antlers that can be nearly 6 feet wide.

They can grow to 28 inches in length and weigh 9 to 12 pounds. With shorter ears than other hares, they can pull their ears back to conserve body heat. Their paws, which are big and flat like snowshoes, help them move over the snow easily. The distinctive feature of the Arctic hare is, did you know? well, its hair. Their fur is all white during the An Arctic hare can run up to winter except for the tips of their ears. Being 40 miles per hour white allows them to hide in the snow. In the when in danger!

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