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By L. P. Hughston

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This long-awaited textbook bargains a concise one-semester advent to uncomplicated common relativity compatible for arithmetic and physics undergraduates. Emphasis is put on the student's improvement of either a superior actual seize of the topic and a worldly calculational facility. The textual content is supplemented by means of quite a few geometrical diagrams and through a wide number of tough workouts and difficulties.

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Hint : Show that if a is a constant satisfying −1 < a < 1, 1 + β1 β 2 x+a is increasing on −1 ≤ x ≤ 1. then the function f (x) = 1 + ax β1 + β 2 (b) Λ(β1 )Λ(β2 ) = Λ . 14 that the composition of two boosts in the x1 -direction is another boost in the x1 -direction. Since Λ−1 (β) = Λ(−β) the collection of all such special Lorentz transformations forms a subgroup of L. We point out, however, that the composition of two boosts in two different directions is, in general, not equivalent to a single boost in any direction.

3m. However, it is found experimentally that the beam reaches one-half intensity after travelling approximately 38m. Explain! 29). Draw a Minkowski diagram which represents the situation. 12 and, in particular, to the line x ˆ4 = 1. Each point on this line can be identified with the appearance of the reading “1” on a clock that is stationary at some point in ˆ . These all occur “simulˆ because his clocks have been synchronized. However, each taneously” for O of these events occurs at a different “time” in S so O will disagree.

As it is with time dilation, the correct physical interpretation of the Lorentz contraction often requires rather subtle and delicate argument. 26 Imagine a barn which, at rest, measures 8 meters in length. A (very fast) runner carries a pole of rest length 16 meters toward the barn at such a high speed that, for an observer at rest with the barn, it appears Lorentz contracted to 8 meters and therefore fits inside the barn. This observer slams the front door shut at the instant the back of the pole enters the front of the barn and so encloses the pole entirely within the barn.

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