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40. Dimroth et al. (1917) synthesized the analogous imido quinone diazide acylated with acetic acid. , 2-nitro- and 2,6-dichloro-l,4-diaminobenzene, yield the parent 4-iminobenzoquinone diazides (Morgan and Upton, 1917). They are not very stable, but they can be acetylated with acetic anhydride. 6. In the same section other synthetic methods are briefly discussed. The basic principle of all diazotizations of aromatic amines with a hydroxy- or a sulfonamido group in the 4-position relative to the amino group involves a deprotonation of the OH or NH group, respectively, after diazotization of the amino group.

In the IUPAC nomenclature for transformations this process is called 'diazonio-de-hydrogenation', or, in short, 'diazoniation'. 59 xA R N=N Vi *O* P/ = ^ "°H > N^N-Ar R + PhC-C 2-naphthol or DMA "*\ N H3C/ -\ Ar-NO + 2 HN02 + H+ -*—*• /=\ ^ Ar-N2+ + HNO3 + H2O ^-Ar ^N ^ (2-36) However, this process has been known since 1887 when it was discovered by Fischer and Hepp; it was reinvestigated by Bamberger (1895 b, 1918). The great disadvantage of the reaction is that C-nitrosations of aromatic hydrocarbons take place only if they are activated by electron donors or if the nitrosation is preceded by catalytic mercuration* (Tedder and Theaker, 1957).

Kraska and Boruszczak (1990) claim that solutions or dispersions of amine sulfates in ethylene glycol can be treated with glycol nitrite to achieve anhydrous diazotization. In our opinion this conclusion is doubtful, as both amine sulfates and ethylene glycol are difficult to dry completely. Anion-catalyzed phase transfer catalysis in a dichloromethane-aqueous sulfuric acid two-phase system was successfully applied to the diazotization of pentafluoroaniline by Iwamoto et al. (1983 a, 1984). , 1965).

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