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This is the area of faith. No hope left. The doors being shut, in the evening hour, the darkest time of your life. Many of you are there right now. " Dry those tears, beloved, you're in the area of faith. You are ripe for a miracle. " I don't have to know what the doctor said, I just know what God said. I'm talking about miracles. Go back to John 2:5: Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it. This is the first principle, getting to the area of faith. You must identify with it. Principle Two: The Author of Faith Now, look at the second principle—know the Author of faith.

But he went back home with his baby and took him back to the hospital to be examined. After a different doctor had examined the child, he said, "You should not have taken this baby out of the hospital. " Nothing like being honest, huh! So, he went back to work in the coal mine. " Well, that father immediately threw his shovel and pick down. He scrambled out of that mine and headed for the phone. " His wife was crying and she told him, "Honey, the Lord also came to me, right in the dining room of our house.

As we come to You, heal this body ... restore this family ... forgive every fault and failure ... strengthen every weakness ... provide abundance for every lack and need. Take what we have and miraculously turn it into what we need——just as You turned the water into wine. Oh God, we love You. We appreciate You and thank You in advance for Your miracle power that is already moving in our behalf. Bless this friend now in a special way and we'll be careful to give You the praise and the glory and the honor forever, Amen.

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