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The Pickering lines fit the formula for the Balmer series provided that half-integral numbers were allowed. These lines conform to the formula υ = [1 / 22 − 1 / n2]. 10 Such transitions would violate the quantum condition on which his theory of the hydrogen atom is based. Bohr rewrote the formula as υ = 4R [1 / 42 − 1 / n2], 43 Complementarity, Causality, and Explanation Figure 9 9 Bohr on Electronic Transitions theHydrogen Hydrogen Atom 9 Figure 9: Bohr on Electronic Transitions in in the Atom Lyman series (ultraviolet) Balmer series nϭ1 nϭ2 Paschen series (infrared) nϭ3 Brackett series nϭ4 Pfund series nϭ5 0 2 4 6 8 ϫ 10Ϫ10 m and attributed the series to electron transitions in singly ionized ­helium, which has lost one of its two orbital electrons.

4 Rutherford maintained that the extreme deflection of α-particles results from a Coulomb’s law repulsion between the particle and a positively charged nucleus: F = k qα qn / r2. 5 Given Coulomb’s law and evidence from scattering experiments, a rough estimate can be made of the dimensions of various nuclei. 2 × 10−12 cm. 6 Radioactive decay involves the ejection of α-particles, electrons, and γ-rays from the nucleus of an atom. Absorption spectra and emission spectra indicate that discrete energy transitions also take place within atoms without the ejection of particles.

Of course, the Bohr theory is silent about the location of an electron at a particular time either in an orbit or in a jump between orbits. However, this shortcoming, if it is such, does not count against the “causality implies explanation” thesis. Contributions from Heisenberg, Schrödinger, Born, and De Broglie The correspondence principle provided a link between discontinuous transitions within the atom to continuous motions adequately described by classical physics. However, Bohr’s theory of the atom retained both quantum and classical aspects.

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