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By A.M. Wolsky

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This publication discusses the impression of contemporary superconducting fabrics examine, indicating study targets which look sensible and, if reached, could permit varied advertisement functions of the hot fabrics.

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Effective SMES would have a major impact, because the application potential of the solar thermal dish concept is currently limited by battery storage. Large-scale superconducting storage could improve grid-wide storage, eliminating the need for onsite battery storage. Small-scale superconducting storage could replace on-site batteries and improve the prospects for remote applications. 5 Solar Photovoltaic Technology Sources for Electricitv Generation 23 Cells Description Solar photovoltaic cells convert solar power directly into DC electric power.

5 million. 1 1 1 = 6,000 kg/m3, limir = 2 T. 3 Comparative Costs of 100~MVA Generators ($103)a Component Ml Refrigerator cap. Superconductor Armature copper Back iron Rotor steel Losses Capital cOstC Total 367 aComponent costs greater (506jb 1,852 29 27 560 (854) 1,962 or bParentheses lower than ‘The capital refrigeration generator. less M2 M3 M4 MS (506) 3,973 29 27 560 (854) 4,083 (503) (51) 16 13 166 (1,131) (359) (503) 166 16 13 166 (1,131) (141) (1,236; (499) 1,687 (1,354) (1,219) (1,547) for other systems than an unspecified ate indicate negative values the base-case value).

4 CASE STUDY: JOO-MVA TURBOGENERATORS In order to quantify the potential impact of liquid nitrogen temperature The case used was that of superconductors, a “first-cut” design study was made. 300-MVA, two-pole generators. This size was chosen because (1) it seems likely to be a common size for generators in the near future, (2) a “starting point” design already and (3) a comparison between conventional and liquid-helium-temperature exists, superconducting machines is available. In this study, six machines were designed.

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