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By Carri Stuhr

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During this Early fowl name, readers know about the actual features, habitat, and behaviour of the arctic fox.

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They live and hunt by themselves for a while. Then they are ready to start their own families. 33 Chapter 5 This is a wolverine. Wolverines eat arctic foxes. What other animals eat arctic foxes? Dangers for Arctic Foxes The arctic fox has enemies in the wild. Golden eagles, polar bears, and wolverines will eat arctic foxes. These animals are predators (PREH-duh-turz). Predators are animals that hunt and eat other animals. 34 The arctic fox has other animal predators too. Owls and wolves hunt arctic foxes.

A radio collar looks like the collar you see on a dog. The collars have special instruments in them. The instruments send signals to scientists. The scientists use the signals to find the arctic foxes. 42 Scientists have learned a lot about arctic foxes. Many people describe them as friendly. They are not shy around humans. They will even come close if they know you have food. You may see one if you visit the arctic. Or you can look at one at the zoo. These arctic foxes live in a zoo in Germany.

What are arctic fox babies called? Young Arctic Foxes Baby arctic foxes are born in early summer. Baby foxes are called cubs, kits, or pups. 28 Baby arctic foxes are born in dens. Dens are safe places. Some are deep holes underground. Others are tunnels dug in piles of rocks or wood. These arctic fox cubs live in a den underneath some logs. 29 Many baby foxes are born at once. A mother fox may have more than 10 babies. A group of baby foxes is called a litter. The babies in the litter are helpless at first.

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