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By Stephen J. Lee

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HIST ninety eight brief blurb this article examines the entire significant topics, personalities and problems with this crucial interval in a transparent and digestible shape. Illustrated with with worthy maps, charts and diagrams. elements of British Political background 1914-1995 examines all of the significant subject matters, personalities and problems with this crucial interval in a transparent and digestible shape. It: introduces clean angles to long-studied themes; consolidates an excellent physique of modern learn; analyzes perspectives of alternative historians; bargains an interpretive instead of narrative method; offers concise remedy to complicated concerns; is without delay suitable to pupil questions and classes; is punctiliously organised to mirror the way in which lecturers take on those classes; and is illustrated with precious maps, charts, illustrations and images.

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This eventually did to the Central Powers what the German submarine war failed to do to the Allies: it brought Germany close to starvation and incited mutiny in the fleet at Kiel and Hamburg and also among soldiers at Cologne. Overall, Britain’s contribution in the First World War might be seen as the most varied and most complete of all the Allied powers. Against the recent trend of her history, she upgraded her forces to play a mainstream military role. This was combined with a peripheral role against the Turks, initially unsuccessful but eventually resulting in Turkey’s defeat.

One was the influence of feminism, the other the pressure for the return of women to domestic and child-caring roles. Potentially the most volatile issue is immigration and race relations (Chapter 23). Almost every country of mixed ethnic composition has seen periods of racial tension. Britain has been no exception, with periodic race riots, with the activities of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s and the National Front in the 1970s, and the inner-city violence of the 1980s. On the other hand, these have been exceptional.

Lloyd George, he argued, had become as much a danger to the Conservatives as to the Liberals. The very remoteness of his presidential position, once beneficial, was now an impediment to political progress. He is a dynamic force, and it is from that very fact that our troubles, in my opinion, arise. A dynamic force is a very terrible thing; it may crush you but it is not necessarily right. 4 The extraordinary career of Lloyd George can be seen as an immediate political effect of the First World War.

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