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This is the same principle that allows NASA to change a spacecraft's direction by making it swing around a planet. The theory gave the amount of deflection that a light ray would experience when it passed by a massive object, assuming light was not a ray but a particle. 83 arcsecond (a measure of angular separation). 875 arcsecond. This latter value is still only half of the correct value for the deflection, which Einstein would obtain four years later within a completed general theory of relativity.

At the Polytechnic, however, he decided that he was mostly interested in physics, and that mathematics was simply the way of quantifying physical laws. It was a vehicle for writing down in a concise manner the laws of the universe discovered through the science of physics. But Einstein was not happy with the instruction at the ETH. The physics professors taught old theories and did not discuss new developments in the field. Einstein started to do what he would continue doing throughout his life—teach himself theories by independent reading and study.

Einstein had begun to question the premises of Euclidean geometry. Within two decades, he developed a revolutionary theory based on the view that the space in which we live is non-Euclidean. In 1894, Einstein's family moved to Italy. His father had hoped to build a successful business there after the one in Munich had failed. The parents took Maja with them, but left Albert to stay with a distant relative so he could finish the gymnasium. Einstein decided on his own, however, to leave the school and rejoin his family in Italy.

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