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By G. Bischof

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On the top of the 1st chilly struggle within the early Fifties, the Western powers apprehensive that occupied Austria may possibly turn into 'Europe's Korea' and feared a Communist takeover. The Soviets exploited their profession region for optimum reparations. American financial reduction assured Austria's survival and fiscal reconstruction. Their army advice grew to become Austria right into a 'secret best friend' of the West. Austrian international relations performed an important position in securing the Austrian treaty in bilateral negotiations with Stalin's successors within the Kremlin demonstrating the leverage of the susceptible within the chilly struggle.

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During the war Washington showed little interest in Soviet plans for Eastern Europe. and in the summer of 1945 tried to mediate the Anglo-Sol'iet Cold Wlll' in Austria and elsewhere. THE RAPE OF AUSTRIA: LIBERATION SOVIET-STYLE Shortly before Easter. at the end of March 1945. 1t11wrk. Their behaviour left a memory that was not soon forgotten. The massive offensive against Vienna. the first big prize to be taken in the Nazi Reich, lasted for almost a month. From the perspective of the 644. 700 soldiers in the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian ""Fronts" (Armies) conquering Eastern Austria.

Any detailed plans for the Balkans and East-Central Europe would be determined by the end of the war "on whether or not [the Soviet Union] was going to embark on the policy of imperialism". 82 Former Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes warned that "it was useless to do any postwar planning for Eastern Europe and the Balkans 'ince 'the Russians would decide all that' ". g. Lord Lothian's, General Sikorski's, Andre Tardieu's, Tibor Eckardt\, Milan Hodza's) and discussed at length along with the utility of Habsburg restoration.

While the British EAC representative drove planning for Austria by tabling detailed proposals for zonal division and control machinery, the Soviet representative delayed the process by refusing to discuss control machinery before zonal division was completed. Such determined procrastination had the advantage that the Americans accepted a 1,one in Austria while at the same time tolerating French participation. 114 In the final weeks of 1944 Winant at last convinced Roosevelt and the American military leaders to accept a zone in Austria.

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