Mihail Marin's Beating the Open Games PDF

By Mihail Marin

ISBN-10: 9197600431

ISBN-13: 9789197600439

Acclaimed writer and chess grandmaster, Mihail Marin provides a gap repertoire for Black opposed to the Open video games. this implies offering a solution to e4, yet no longer contemplating the most traces of the Spanish beginning. This contains openings comparable to the Scotch, the Vienna, the Spanish trade edition, or even the infamous King's Gambit. Marin makes use of his popular writing talents to give an explanation for the tips in the back of each one stream, so Beating the Open video games escapes the traditional establishing booklet capture of being an uneventful checklist of research. Marin has dependent the e-book frequently on his personal repertoire and divulges many unique strikes and concepts. After learning this e-book the reader won't merely have an exceptional repertoire but additionally a deeper knowing of chess.

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8 9 : " A n u n u s u a l a n d o r i g i n a l p a i r William A. 69 49 Shinkman 70 William A. Shinkman V First Prize Southern Trade Gazette 1883 William A. Shinkman Chess Player's Chronicle October 10, 1883 W h i t e mates in t w o moves W h i t e self-mates in f o u r moves 71 William A. Shinkman Detroit Free Press 1885 W h i t e mates in three moves 72 V William A. Shinkman Columbia Chess Chronicle 1888 W h i t e mates in three moves 12 Chess Problem Gems 73 74 William A. Shinkman V Dubuque Chess Journal November, 1890 William A.

Gems S O L U T I O N S No. 9 1 Sg4 dis ck, K h l ; 2 Q h 2 ck, P x Q ; 3 S f 2 K h 3 ; 2 Sh2 threat 3 R h 8 SP any; 3 Q h 8 K f 3 ; 2 Qc2, Pg2; 3 Q d 3 K f l ; 2 Ra8, any; 3 R a l N o . 10 1 Ba8 threat 2 Q b 7 a n d 3 Q h l S any; 2 Qb6(x), any; 3 Q g l Pf4; 2 Qg6, any; 3 Q g l K f l ; 2 Q x P ck, K e l ; 3 Q f 2 No. 11 1 Q a l waiting Q x Q ; 2 SxPb6 Q b 2 , b5; 2 Q h l 1 - - R x Q ; 2 SxPe3 Rb3, d3; 2 Q a 8 No. 12 1 R a 2 - f 2 , P a 4 ; 2 K d 2 , P a 3 ; 3 R a l , P a 2 ; 4 K e l , BxR c k ; 5 K x B N o .

45 is an e x a m p l e , with a m i n i m a l w h i t e force, of such strategic play. If Black captures the w h i t e p a w n t h e ensuing m a t i n g positions are m o d e l mates. I n N o . 4 6 t h e solver a g a i n will e n c o u n t e r M e r e d i t h ' s f a v o r i t e t y p e o f key, a s w e e p i n g m o v e o f t h e q u e e n f r o m t h e t o p t o t h e b o t t o m of a file, leading to p i n - m a t e s following either m o v e of the black king. T h e prize-winning No. 47—reproduced as the ninth problem in A Century of Two-Movers, t h e first v o l u m e in t h e series of p r o b lem books printed at F r a n k Altschul's private O v e r b r o o k Press—probably became Meredith's most widely k n o w n twomover.

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