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The Sicilian Defence is Black's hottest respond to 1e4 and avid gamers of the white items want to know how you can win opposed to it. the writer presents an entire armoury of competitive traces that consider fresh advancements and on the way to defeat the antidotes that Black built lately.

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After 10 � b6 1 1 � b3 a6 1 2 jt e2 g6 (12 � f6 transposes to the analysis of 1 1 . . � b6 in the main line) 1 3 �d2 Black may play: ( l ) 13 . . jte7 14 K g2! Jic7 1 7 a3 b5 1 8 jtxb5 axb5 1 9 � xb5 � b8 20 jtxe7 �xb5 2 1 jt xd6 with a clear plus for White, Lobron-Marjano­ vic, Reggio Emilia 1 985/6. (2) 13 . . jtd7 14 K g2! �c7 1 5 0-0-0 b 5 1 6 a3 �e5 1 7 �d4! l( xh5 20 � e 1 jtc6 2 1 � d5 jt xd5 2 2 exd5 e 5 23 �d3 JJ.. e 7 24 �d4! and again White stands well, Motwani­ Roca, Dubai 01. 1 986.

Xg5 0-0-0! 22 li xe5 j}_ d6, Black completes his de­ velopment and the opposite­ coloured bishops become an im­ portant factor. K c8 20 Now 20 . . , so Black must adopt a different defensive plan. ifc5 Of course this is only possible when White had not exchanged on e5. Black gains time to reorga­ nize his defences. ifg3 exf4 K c7! ifxf4 An excellent move. Black's rook covers the vulnerable square f7 and when it arrives at e7 the attack on the bishop will gain more time for Black. 24 a4! White's only chance to make something of his waning initiative is to create a new target on the queenside.

De5 is very awkward. 10 tre2 Karpov's move is very logical in that it prepares queenside cas­ tling as quickly as possible, while the fl bishop and h 1 rook are left at home since it is not yet clear which square is best for these pieces. Jiack knight arriving at c4. e7 We are now back in Karpov­ Dorfman. b5 1 1 0-0-0 Tactical ideas for White are already in the air, for example 1 2 '£J f5 exf5 1 3 '£Jd5 trd8 1 4 exf5, but although this is quite good for White Black can improve by 1 2 '£Jf5 b4! tr xc6 12 '£l xc6 13 Jl.

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