New PDF release: Beating the Sicilian 3

By John Nunn

ISBN-10: 0713478446

ISBN-13: 9780713478440

This 3rd variation is aimed toward membership and event chess avid gamers and offers principles to beat Black's newest counter-attacking ploys within the ever-changing Sicilian Defence.

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Tc4! txt7+ and 13 ...

LϊΊxd4 15 1:txd4 b5 16 1:thdl a5 17 tDxb5 ~xg5+ 18 hxg5 'ifxg5+ 19 f4 'ifxb5 with a good game for Black. a6 White may again reply 1Ο 'ifh5 when Black has nothing better than 10... 0-0 transposing back ίηΙο the game. 10 'iΊι5 (D) BTS2 concentrated οη the sideline 10 ~c4, but this has never really Το select another line was ηοΙ so easy as all three possible queen moves (10 'ifd2 and 10 'ife2 are the other two) are quite dangerous for Black. Ι finally opted for 10 'ifh5, ηοΙ so much because of its strength, but because it is the most overtly aggressive and should ensure the right frame of mind for playing the Keres Attack where the slightest dίtheήηg can turn out to be fata1.

17 ~5 18 ~xe5 dxe5 19 Ι4 Now White wins a third pawn for the piece since 19•••e4 fails to 20 d6 ~xd6 21 'iί'xe4+. Β lack' s king must remain stuck ίη the centre so one must consider Karpov's sacήfice although ίη the subsequent play Black's resourceful defence almost saves the game. 19 ••. ~Ι5 20 ~h3 White takes time out to neutralise Black's counterpIay as 20 fxe5 at once allows the unclear 20 ... 1:h2 "a5. J:Σxh3 ':c8 22 fxeS After this Black activates his queen and Karpov is obliged to play with extreme accuracy ιο maintain his advantage.

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