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By Garrity, Berner, Creig

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Long-term preservation of Chromatium species is successfully performed by storage in liquid nitrogen. For this purpose, dense cell suspensions of liquid cultures are supplemented with DMSO as a protective agent to a final concentration of 5%, using an autoclaved 50% DMSO stock solution. Such suspensions are dispensed into 2-ml plastic ampules, which are then sealed and freeze-stored. Chromatium species do not survive lyophilization and cannot be preserved in this way. DIFFERENTIATION 11 DIFFERENTIATION OF THE GENUS CHROMATIUM FROM OTHER GENERA According to 16S rDNA sequence analysis (Fig.

Microbiol. 21: 285– 324. Pfennig, N. 1977. Phototrophic green and purple bacteria: a comparative, systematic survey. Annu. Rev. Microbiol. 31: 275–290. Winogradsky, S. 1888. Beitra¨ge zur Morphologie und Physiologie der Bakterien. Heft 1. Zur Morphologie und Physiologie der Schwefelbakterien, Arthur Felix, Leipzig. p. 1–120. 10 FAMILY I. CHROMATIACEAE Genus I. Chromatium Perty 1852, 174AL emend. Imhoff, Su¨ling and Petri 1998b, 1138 JOHANNES F. um. Gr. n. L. neut. n. Chromatium one which is colored.

In the presence of sulfide and bicarbonate, acetate and pyruvate are photoassimilated. Not utilized: thiosulfate, sugars, alcohols, higher fatty acids, amino acids, benzoate, formate, and most intermediates of the tricarboxylic acid cycle. Assimilatory sulfate reduction is absent. Nitrogen sources: ammonium salts, urea, and N2. Vitamin B12 required. 3). Habitat: ditches, ponds, and lakes with stagnant freshwater containing hydrogen sulfide and exposed to light. 1 (Bd). Type strain: 6512, ATCC 14959, BN 5810, DSM 173.

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