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By William R. Hartston

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This illustrated consultant is one in all a sequence designed to take the newbie during the simple ideas and ideas in the direction of whole mastery. This publication is a advisor containing seventy five classes at the crucial principles underlying strong chess technique and strategies.

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9 b4 more than justifies White's 8th move, and 8 ... exd4?? loses on the spot to 9 axb4. 9 bxc3 ltJge7 •.. Varga, Hungarian Ch 1 995, Black anticipated a threat to his queen, retreating with 9 'ifd6. :b1 b6 1 1 f4 ! : g 1 the players agreed a draw in what is a dynamically balanced, in­ teresting position. 'ifd6 10 c4 fi:Jb8 11 dS 12 �b2 White reaches the position he was hoping for when he played 8 a3. c5. fi:Jd7 12 13 h4!? Having the two bishops allows White to make this aggressive thrust. The idea is to push the pawn to h5 in order to keep Black's pieces out of g6.

L:txf2 40 lDe7+ lDxe7 4 1 l:txe7 l:txf3+ 4 2 �c2 i s winning for White, who threatens 43 l:te6 or 43 l:td7. b) 39 . . l:ta3+ 40 �b4 l:txe3 4 1 fxe3 i s also excellent for White. His active king, active minor pieces and mobile pawns are too strong for Black. c) The best chances of survival are offered by 39 ... l:ta7, although White still has very good prospects. g4 4 lDc3 and 4 'fla4 The fall of the b6-pawn heralds the arrival of the white king into Black's half of the board. The com­ ing invasion is decisive.

C5+ 4 1 'iti>b5 bxa5 42 c;t>xc5 wins) 4 1 c;t>xa5 'iti>d5 42 c;t>b4 c5+ 43 c;t>c3 'it>c6 44 'it>c4 g6 45 g3 c;t>b6 46 c;t>d5 'it>b5 47 e6, etc. 33 g3! h6 33 ... g4 34 h4 ! h5 35 a4 will bring about the same b3-b4 breakthrough as we saw in the previous note. 34 h4 gxf4 Or 34 ... g4 35 a4. 35 gxf4 h5 36 a4! 'it>e6 38 bxa5 bxa5 39 'it>c5 c;t>d7 40 c;t>b6. 38 c;t>xb4 'it>e6 39 a5 1-0 There is no defence. 39 . . bxa5+ 40 c;t>xa5 c;t>d5 41 c;t>b4 c5+ 42 c;t>b3 ! c4+ 4 3 'it>c3 c;t>c5 44 e6 c;t>d6 45 c;t>xc4 c;t>xe6 46 c;t>c5 is a sample fin­ ish.

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